A Growing Craze of Mobile App Development Trends 2021

Mobile App Development has become a huge industry today because of customerโ€™s needs, and technology advancements. Why is this industry thriving? It is so simple to guess the answer to this question. You spend your most time on mobile. You use it at the office, at home, during eating, sleeping, after woke up and you might be browsing this article from your mobile now. If you notice people around, then you will see that everyone has eyes stick to their mobile phones. According to Statistics 2021:

There are 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world

Mobile Appโ€™s usage and smartphones keenness is growing so rapidly without any hint of slowing down in the coming future. What are people doing on their smartphones?

People are using 88% of their mobile time is on App

This news is a source of excitement for Mobile App developers. Staying up to date with the latest news, technologies, and trends is the hour of need. The Apps have made anyoneโ€™s life easier as compare to past time.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development is a process of creating software aimed to run on mobile devices. The Mobile app developers create different types of apps like Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, and HTML5 Apps. ย The business of mobile app development is hit nearly $600 billion in 2020.

What Are The Platforms For Mobile App Developers?

There are two platforms for Mobile App Developers i.e.

  • iOS (Operating System of iPhone)
  • Android (Googleโ€™s system) Most of the phones like Samsung, Huawei, LG are android based.

In 2019, 26.4 million app developers were working globally, of which around 6 for Android and 2.8 million concentrates on iOS.

Latest Features For Android Developers 2021

If you are thinking about developing an android based app then you should be known about the variations in this field. After the launching of Android, the expectations of users are growing over time. You want to develop an app that provides the best user experience. The critical situation is that it is not always simple to realize which spot to grab first. To cope with this situation, In Feb 2021, Android launched New App Quality Section on the developer site to facilitate you keep UpToDate with the app quality. In the first release, they have released Core App Quality Checklist. Here are some underlines of the recent updates.

  1. Visual Experience

To give the modern look to the app, Android introduced Material design Components instead of buttons.

  1. Functionality

Three areas have been updated i.e., playback experience, HEVC video compression and for sharing between apps underlined the importance of the Android Share sheet.

  1. Performance

Add an Android vital tool in Google Play Console and the ANR Troubleshooting guide.

  1. Privacy

Launched more privacy norms to protect data from non-resettable hardware IDs.

  1. Google Play

Highlighted the important policies for developers.

New Features For Apple Developers Forum 2021

The Apple iOS program is at the essence of most mobile phones and apps. ย The iOS operating system is developed solely for Appleโ€™s mobile phones, iPhones, iPad, and Apple watches. Recently, iOS introduced its new features for the convenience of app developers and users. Here is a highlighted view of them.

  • iOS changed the price and forthcoming tax for purchasing apps and in-apps. After the implementation of changes, the pricing and Availability section of My Apps will be updated.
  • According to https://developer.apple.com/news/

On March 29, 2021, token and certificate-based HTTP/2 connections to the ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Apple Push Notification service must integrate the new root certificate which switches the old GeoTrust Global CA root certificate.

  • You can now change the layout of your app for macOS Big Sur or tvOS 14 by applying new design templates, guides, and components. In this case, buttons, alerts, menus, and segmented controls will be included in macOS or tvOS components.
  • For better protection of their users, Apple is introducing App Store Review Guideline in its upcoming OS release.
  • Apple launched new advertising attribution technologies. SKAdNetwork 2.2 will support all-through attribution for advertisement layouts like audio, video, and collaborative advertisements. iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 carry Private Click Measurement to apps, in addition to the web. https://developer.apple.com/news/

Latest Crazes of Mobile App Development 2021

Nowadays, technology is a game-changer for every field. To compete with other organizations, you need to be aware of the latest trends. Numerous Mobile apps are offering different features and benefits 24/7 according to customerโ€™s needs. Letโ€™s reveal some latest trends of Mobile app development in 2021 which is flourishing and will remain forever.

  • Educational App trends
  • Medical Apps trends
  • Fitness Apps trends
  • Gaming Apps trends
  • Business Apps trends

Mobile App Craze in Education Field

Your mobile phones are more than just posting an animal video on social media. Stunning! Smartphones are essential in learning technologies. Consider this situation. Before mobile phones, when you wanted to learn anything then you have just the option of learning it from school, go to the library, or find someone who teaches you free. Now you are luckily in this information age. Many educational apps made it easier for you to learn anything on mobile Such as Mobile learning Apps Duolingo, Goodreads, Tynker Coding for Kids, and Udemy, etc. Above mentioned learning platforms are best for doing online courses.

Despite this, there are more trends in e-learning that will reorganize the span of learners among the academic and business grounds. E-learning as a new domain for learners changes the perspectives of traditional learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) are the best in this regard. AI helps provides personalized practical teaching to high school and university students. These platforms provide efficient communication and collaboration among teachers and students. To develop long-term education, VR produces the highest intensity of virtual sensation. Al also performing a great role from a business perspective. It provides online training via video conferencing, giving lessons to employees, and monitoring their engagement.

Mobile App Craze in the Medical field

According to Statista Research Development:

During the last measured period, there were 47,140 healthcare apps available, representing a 1.68 percent increase over the previous quarter.

Recently, Mobile healthcare development apps have become more significant for healthcare providers to understand the ever-changing requirements of their patients. The modernization of mobile healthcare technology offers unquestionable convenience for patients, reduced costs, urgent access to personalized care, and the chance to monitor your health. Healthcare Mobile apps are more beneficial for chronic disease patients like heart, Obesity, and Diabetics. My Sugr-Diabetes Tracker log, Telemedicine, Better Help-Online Counselling, Generis-DNA and Nutrition, and wearable devices are those healthcare mobile apps that are expected to take over the market in 2021. Due to the intake of fast food, obesity increases a lot. Therefore, several people are using wearable devices like Fitbit and smartwatches for physical activities. ย Teladoc, one of the top health providers that connect patients to the board-certified doctors through phone saw its revenue bounce to 41% to $181 million years over year. The GOQii and Tempus Apps based on Al and Blockchain technology will achieve popularity soon due to their best features.

Mobile Apps Craze in Fitness Field

You joined the gym, but after some time you were bored and, feeling difficult to adjust during your rough routine. Because of your office, social gatherings, and family commitments you cannot find any time to go. In the other case, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, it is almost impossible for you to do a workout at the gym and maintain fitness. Who will solve your issue? Do not be anxious. The latest technology will become your problem solver. How? Your fitness mobile app and digital trainers will help you to retain your fitness. Nowadays, there are several fitness apps are available with amazing features for their users. ย With time, the growing rate of fitness apps is unbelievable. According to Sensor tower,

ย Revenue from the top 10 health and fitness apps increased by 61% last year to $327 million worldwide. And the number of fitness app users is expected to surpass the figure of 353 million by 2022.

Smartphones are capable of counting steps and trailing locations, but they skip many other functions like heart rate monitoring. In this regard wearable devices like smartwatches can count your steps, calories burned, and workout range without keeping it on your hands. Now, Appleโ€™s watch is the peopleโ€™s most favorite smartwatch. Despite this, there are several fitness apps like Map My Run, Fitness Buddy, MyFitnessPal that can connect with other devices for analyzing your data. Artificial Intelligence is also best with a combination of fitness apps. Providing users personalized home training at low cost became possible with the usage of AI technology. The best examples of fitness platforms with Al include Boltt Sports Technologies, Alexa, Hacarus, Ensa, Robotbase, and Adaptive. They have artificial intelligence-based personal assistants for their fitness fans.

Not only this, AR and VR are also competing with most featured apps like the YUR.fit app and the Kopin SOLOS glasses. YUR.fit app for Oculus Quest can change any video game into a fitness activity by counting your calorie. Whereas Kopin SOLOS glasses are specially designed by Mobile app developers for sports fans. It can track your performance by heart rate, speed, time, and power.

Mobile App Craze in Gaming Field

The mobile gaming field is increasing at an influencing rate of 10.2% per annum and its revenues were projected to be touch $77.2 billion by 2020. ย Because of the bright future of gaming apps, many huge companies are starting to invest in this industry. ย To know about the direction and future of mobile game app development itโ€™s necessary to watch out for the different techniques that are using by the app developers in developing these apps.

Whether it is AI, AR, or VR, all these technologies are throughgoing in the mobile app development field. Artificial Intelligence has allowed game developers to evaluate the performance of players in mobile gaming apps. In this regard, the best example of cutting-edge technology is the Telltale Games, and the Games of Thrones consisted of a variety of different player choices. The AR-based best game is Pokemon Go that broke all the records in gaming history. In this game, you can use your mobile camera to focus real and imagined world. AR and VR technology support developers to build a high-quality gaming experience by allowing players to see the real and fictional world practically. Now, the app developers are working on multiplayer features. The best example of the multiplayer mobile app is theโ€œbattle royaleโ€ genre is Battleground, known as PUBG.

In 2019โ€, PUBG Mobile has 400 million users and 30 million active users daily in 2020.โ€

According to Sensor Tower,

โ€œOver 1 billion mobile games downloaded per week.โ€

Mobile App Craze in Business Field

As mobile apps are covering all the fields of life you canโ€™t ignore the benefits of business apps. Business apps make it convenient for both the employee and the owner to handle all tasks comfortably in less time. Several business apps deal with Finance, accounting, time management, communication, mobile payment, and the companyโ€™s apps. QuickBooks and FreshBooks are the best apps for handling accounting tasks like tracking invoices, time, mileage, payment, inventory, and so on. To deal with daily operations of business Pushover, Addappt, and Fuze are the best. The appearance of AI in business improved user engagement and save a lot of money. The biggest business platforms like Amazon are using cloud-based technology to store a huge amount of data. In the future, mobile commerce will gain popularity. Apple Pay and Google Wallet allowed consumers to do shopping with smartphones instead of credit or debit cards. AR and VR are also playing their role in business in an increase of their sales. For Wholesale businesses, AR allows their customers to try goods before buying. Wayfair App uses AR technology to display customers the look of the furniture in their homes. Virtual Reality technology is using in training employees who work in the health field, and construction sites. The future of app development for the business needs will be flourished more in upcoming years.

The Last Word

The Mobile App development industry is continuously changing and coming with the latest trends and technologies. If you want to build your app then you should be aware of the crazes of 2021 to compete with other apps. Now, every field is using mobile apps for growing their business and facilitate their users. It is not necessary to include every single step of the trend in your mobile apps. You just need to have a general understanding of all the trends so that you can adapt the variations accordingly. If you have any query or any information that I missed here, you can share with us.

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