This course focuses on enabling trainees to learn and understand the basic skills of choosing and running the end-to-end online store, including choosing the niche product market, domain hosting, and choosing open sources E-Business software such as Magento and Prestashop. Trainees will learn the ability to set up an online store on localhost and Cloud in Magento and Prestashop. Different payment mechanisms, which are valid at local and international levels, will be discussed to enable trainees to learn about the dynamics of the global E-Commerce market. Trainees will be able to learn the ability to optimize the online store using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Facebook Ads, AdWords, and AdSense will be addressed in terms of implementation in reaching customers to earn revenue. Trainees will learn how to start work using the Alibaba Group Web portal. Trainees will learn how to scale the E-commerce business in the long run to generate sustainable revenue from the online store. It is very necessary to pay attention to scaling the business and management of the E-Commerce business in the local ecosystem.

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to create an online e-commerce store website. You’ll build an incredible, professional online boutique for under $ 60 and stock up the store completely at pocket at zero cost … and much more!

Among the few things you will learn, you will acquire these 3 powerful skills along the way:

You will be able to create a website ready to customize in a few minutes you will be able to design a beautiful boutique and logo without coding or any previous design skills. Brand clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc., without pre-spending for stock. You can sell.

Build your own website – Save thousands of development costs

One of the most valuable skills you can teach yourself today is how to make a website because if you want to build a business, all you really need is a website and a logo. In this lesson, you will learn to create a bare-bones website in less than 10 minutes. After creating the site, you can customize the design of the sites yourself.

How will you create an e-commerce website without prior knowledge of software or coding?

In this course, we will show you how to design your entire site without using code. We will provide at least a piece of code to improve the style of the site. However, if you want to create your own online store, you will immediately see that you do not need to write code.

You will learn how to use WordPress. WordPress is a website platform that allows beginners to create websites entirely and run them without any prior software or coding knowledge. WordPress has become the most popular platform for creating websites. Due to its popularity, you can find thousands of third-party extensions that you can use to make your website everything, including creating an e-commerce website.

Buy any product (your own name or brand name) without spending a dime for the stock.

Here are a few product types you can sell:

  • Your products that you have created or already own
  • Wholesale products
  • Branded products

With this course, you will be able to sell products that you have created or already own. You can sell products even if you don’t have stock. We will show you how to create an online store and find millions of branded products that you can sell without spending money on the stock.

What Exactly Will You Learn?

This course provides clear, step-by-step instructions for anyone who wants to learn how to create an online store and stock up on products, even if you don’t have products to sell yet.

  • How to develop a website in no time.
  • How to design a website without coding
  • How to Use WordPress
  • How to use Woo-commerce
  • How  you can design your own logo
  • Choosing forums
  • How to make Affiliate Marketing
  • How to do Drop Shipping
  • Track your visitors using Google Analytics
  • How to do SEO
  • How to set up payment gateways

Plus, more than that

Save your thousands of dollars and have fun while developing yourself as a professional online store.

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